MathHub Functionality

Archiving: MathHub serves as a system-independent repository that collects knowledge representations of flexible formality (FlexiForms) from all walks of life … more

FlexiForms are representations of flexible formality, they include specifications from program verification, semantically annotated course materials, etc. … more.

Community: is a community portal for discovering, developing, and discussing, Flexiforms … more.

Interoperability: makes all flexiforms interoperable by encoding them in a theory-neutral representation format that allows to represent the meta-theoretic foundations with the flexiforms themselves and to interlink the foundations at the meta-logical level … more.

Dissemination: To enhance visibility and create an academic reward system for young researchers, will organize a review system for FlexiForms akin to the scientific review system. Formalizations will be ranked with respect to their peer reviews and their reuse factor, they will be disseminated by a periodical publication highlighting the highest-ranked ones … more.

Access: makes the FlexiForms accessible to both humans and machines in a variety of formats. It offers high-level support services, including semantic search, user-adaptive presentation, format translations, etc … more

Intellectual Property: builds on a solid legal framework: the Creative Commons licenses. The authors retain copyright and license it to the community, possibly derived works, commercial use, etc … more

System: Architecture and developer resources.