MathHub Administration

Here we document the workflows of MathHub administrators, i.e. users who have rights to Mathhub admin. We assume that the admins are familiar with the MMT system our main knowledge management system and basic GIT workflows. We will concentrate on MathHub-specific workflows here.

1. Adding a new MathHub Library or Data Collection

Make sure that you have a well-configured MathHub Library, i.e. a group on

  1. make a new group (public, with good descriptions)
  2. make a meta-inf repository in this group with a valid GROUP_MANIFEST.MF file which has title, teaser, description, and responsible fields.
  3. There must be at least one valid math archive in the group (see below)

2. Adding a Math Archive to MathHub

make a repository to make it a valid math archive you need to

  1. create a file META-INF/MANIFEST.MF file which has title, teaser,description, and responsible fields.
  2. add a short description as a HTML paragraph (<p> as the top element) in META-INF/desc.html
  3. create a source subdirectory. All files you will write (e.g. in MMT surface syntax or sTeX) should be here.
  4. build the archive, either via one of our MMT IDEs or from the MMT shell via build <archive> <source>-omdoc, where <archive> is the full archive name (e.g. HelloWorld/MMT) and <source> is the source format (e.g. mmt for MMT surface syntax or stex for sTeX). MMT will generate various sister directories to source with generated data.
  5. add, commit, and push the content, relational, and narration directories to the archive. From a shell:
    git add content relational narration
    git commit -am're-generated'
    git push
  6. Wait for MathHub to notice the push (you need to talk to a MathHub admin for that).

3. posting news